The MTA Institute (MTAI) is thrilled to offer two new courses: The Motor Dealer Wrecker Course and the Motor Wrecker Salesperson Course.

In accordance with the Motor Dealer and Chattel Auctioneers Act 2014, all motor dealers (individual or corporate) must be licensed to work in Queensland. The wrecker courses provide expertly created units which abide by the training requirements specified by the Queensland Office of Fair Trading giving students the skills and knowledge required to work in Queensland.

MTAI’s innovative approach to training presents online learning material. This provides students with the flexibility and convenience of managing their studies at their own pace. Each of the nationally recognised course units, accessed through MTA Institute’s Learning Management System (LMS), abide by MTAI’s commitment to monitor changing industry requirements. This ensures that all students who train with the Institute are equipped with the skills to navigate current and future industry trends.

MTAI is leading the way in automotive training, and in offering the Motor Dealer Wrecker Course and Motor Wrecker Salesperson Course, the Institute continues to prove itself as Queensland’s chosen recognised training provider in automotive studies.

Click here for more information on the Motor Dealer Wrecker Course
Click here for more information on the Motor Wrecker Salesperson Course