Ready Skills

The MTA Institute has introduced a learning system where text books and other reference materials are available online; this means students now have the ability to learn through their smartphones, tablet or PC at a time and place they choose.

Additional benefits of the digital resources include:

  • Real time tracking of students’ progress and up to date trainer activity.
  • Employers, supervisors and trainers can all access and monitor the students’ real-time progress anytime or anywhere.
  • Study can be done at the student’s individual pace.

All the practical components of the students workplace training will remain the same (ie. face-to-face). Trainers will continue to spend time with students at their workplace, allowing for one-on-one support.

Contact your trainer directly for further information on Ready Skills.

The Ready Skills App has been updated to allow supervisors and employers to verify site visits. To find out more about this update CLICK HERE.

If you are experiencing problems logging in or cannot remember your password please contact [email protected]