Trade Skills Recognition

What is Automotive Trade Recognition?

Trade Recognition is when you have trade knowledge, skills and experience but do not hold a formal qualification that would have generally been obtained through an apprenticeship.

How can Automotive Trade Recognition benefit me?

Trade Recognition can assist you or your employees in reducing the time spent undertaking a qualification by eliminating the need to complete training in skills and knowledge you have already acquired.

Why is it important to have an Automotive Trade Qualification?

Trade Qualifications are essential to:

  • Employ an apprentice and apply for federally-based incentives
  • Have an international employee recognised with an Australian qualification
  • Instil consumer trust in your business
  • Apply to become an approved inspection station examiner
  • Apply for a job where a formal qualification is a pre-requisite
  • Help with staff upskilling (essential for job satisfaction and retention)
  • Apply for a job where you want to be a preferred candidate.


MTA Institute may assist you in achieving a Trade Qualification by formally assessing your skills and work experience against industry and education requirements through either a Government subsidised program, or if ineligible, our Fee for Service (non-subsidised) program might be more suitable.