Bosch delivers advanced training to local automotive professionals

MTA Queensland recently welcomed the technical training team from BOSCH to the Sir Jack Brabham Automotive Centre of Excellence to hold their popular Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) training course among others over three-days of learning.

With the technological landscape of the automotive industry constantly evolving and new features being developed and added to vehicles every year, Bosch has developed a comprehensive program of automotive training courses for automotive professionals.

Visiting Brisbane for three-days to deliver three of their most popular single-day courses, the Bosch Technical Training Team once again chose to hold the course at MTA Queensland’s state-of-the-art facilities.

The three-days of training were all well attended, with numerous MTA Queensland member employees among the many mechanics, panel beaters, hybrid/electric technicians and other automotive professionals in the audience.

With the constant evolution of technology in the automotive industry creating new and improved products and features, the ADAS training course has become one of Bosch’s most popular. The course goes beyond simply explaining advanced technology to participants, but also teaches them how to interact with and repair the new technology explained Bosch Technical Sales Representative Simon Elvidge.

“We’re not just providing education on the different technology and how they work and how they see people or objects or poles or lines, but also what happens when you need to replace them, what you do to reinitiate them back into the car and have them calibrated to only the specifications so they are running right,” said Mr Elvidge.

As the technology is so recent, many mechanics are unfamiliar with how to interact with or fix the technology, making the ADAS course popular according to Elvidge.

“The primary audience is the mechanical workshop and the mechanic. They are beginning to see more and more of this technology popping up in their day-to-day workshops and no one is really up to speed with how to deal with the technology unless you are the manufacturer of the vehicle.”

However, he added that participants in the course have not just been limited to mechanics.

“We have also been getting a lot of people from the panel repair industry. When the car is all bent or the radar is not pointing forward anymore or damaged then those guys need to again know how to replace it, calibrate it and get it back on the road.”

The rise in popularity of electric and autonomous based courses has not gone unnoticed by Bosch, who have begun shifting with the environment to ensure all their teaching reflects the direction of automotive technology.

“Our company is moving way more towards the sensor side of things and the connected environment. So that’s where our future lies and that’s where our patents and developments and products are all headed.”

Bosch regularly hold technical training courses in Brisbane throughout the year. All courses are available to all automotive workshops.