Trent Harper is the MTAQ Apprentice of the Month for June. The 20-year old second-year mechanical apprentice, working with ACDC Mechanical in Runcorn, is excelling in his apprenticeship by going above and beyond in his efforts on every project he undertakes.

“Trent is not shy in asking for more learning resources to help him study above the level required, and his positive and happy attitude shows how keen he is to learn and be part of the trade,” said MTA Institute trainer Steve Hudspith.

“His attention to detail ensures that every car he works on is to a standard and quality above his current apprenticeship level. When putting forward the nomination for student of the month, Burt, his supervisor, was adamant Trent deserved it.”

Commencing his mechanical apprenticeship after graduating high school in 2013, Trent decided not to take a gap year, unlike a lot of his peers. Instead, he was eager to commence learning his trade, and ignite his automotive career.

“I was always interested in cars, and I never knew much about them, so I did two weeks’ work experience through my high school and, after 2 weeks, I didn’t want to do anything else,” he said. “Once I finished school, I started looking around and found the place where I am at now. They took me on and I’ve been here ever since.”

Trent is passionate about learning and practising all aspects of engine maintenance, and recognises that his work colleagues have been crucial in his development.

“The foreman at ACDC Mechanical is old school, and everything he does is by the book. There’s no cutting corners and everything is in black and white. He makes sure every job is done correctly, and if its not done correctly, well, let’s just say he will make sure you do it correctly!

“My boss Shane, who owns the business, is also a great fella. He’s always doing the best for me, and we’re always cracking jokes and having a laugh. Nothing is ever too serious, and that makes work a blast.”

When asked about what he enjoys most about his apprenticeship, Trent credits the team he works with and, of course, the quality one-on-one training conducted by MTA Institute trainer Steve Hudspith.

“Steve is great, and I couldn’t be happier,” he said. “I think I got the best trainer at MTAI. He’s very thorough with his work and knows exactly what he’s talking about. He’s really on to me and nothing ever goes unnoticed, which is what you want when you’re learning.

With his studies making steady progress, Trent is looking forward to successful career in the industry.

“I first want to get qualified, and then do another two years of study to become a diesel mechanic – anything that will better myself in the trade. Eventually, this will help me manage and own my own workshop.”