Tesla Motors has defensively responded to allegations of potential safety defects in their Model S suspensions raised by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) after an angry blogger wrote of problems with the suspension on Tesla’s cars.

The electric carmaker claims the allegations are fabricated and responded with very strong wording, stating that ‘there is no safety defects with the suspension in either the Model S or Model X’.

Tesla has argued that because they own all of their services centres, the company is aware of every incident that happens with their customers’ cars, and have systems in place that track every replaced part.

In a blog post on the company’s website, Tesla stated that ‘Whenever there is even a potential issue with one of those parts, we investigate fully. This, combined with extensive durability testing, gives us high confidence in our suspensions. With respect to the car that is discussed in the blog post that led to yesterday’s news the suspension ball joint experienced very abnormal rust.

‘We haven’t seen this on any other car, suggesting a very unusual use case. The car had over 70,000 miles on it and its owner lives down such a long dirt road that it required two tow trucks to retrieve the car. (One to get the car to the highway and one to get it from the highway to the service centre.) When we got the car, it was caked in dirt.’

Tesla also stated that the NHTSA is yet to open their investigation, nor has it undertaken a ‘preliminary evaluation’, which is the primary form of formal investigation work that it does.

In April, as part of ‘routine screening’, the NHTSA requested Tesla to provide information about their suspensions. Tesla supplied all the relevant information on April 30th to NHTSA, which stated that the company had cooperated fully and that no further information was needed.

Tesla again responded to the serious accusations by saying that ‘There is no car company in the world that cares more about safety than Tesla and our track record reflects that. The Model S is 5-star safety rated in every category and sub-category and Model X is expected to receive the same rating as soon as the government finishes testing.’