Successful MIG welding course held in late November

In a half-day introductory course hosted by MTA Queensland, participants are taught the basic knowledge and skills to become a MIG welder.

During the most recent course, held in late November, participants were able to apply a variety of welds that might be used for vehicle restoration, hobby metalwork and welding repairs.

“I chose to come to MTA Queensland because it is well recognised,” said one of the participants.

The course, open to individuals of all experience levels, aims to teach participants the safety aspects, the equipment set-up and correct welding procedures.

With class sizes limited to six participants, the course offers a more personalised and individual experience.

Alfio Rotolone, the MTA Institute qualified trainer who ran the most recent course, received excellent feedback from learners

“Alfio asked us each what our interests were. So, he knew exactly what we were likely to go and weld and tailored the course to suit.”

Participants attend the course for a variety of reasons; the desire to upskill and improve employability, to satisfy a curiosity and interest in the field, or to learn how to weld a specific object.

“What was good about it is that you know what the next step would be… what kind of equipment you might buy, what you should consider”

“Next time I am trying to bolt something up at home, I will be having a look at it and thinking ‘can I just weld that?’.”

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Note: This is a non-accredited MTA Queensland Course delivered by MTA Institute’s qualified trainers. Assessments will not be conducted to attain a formal qualification, however, a statement of participation will be issued to learners for successfully completing the course.

8 December 2020