September 2021

Employing an apprentice in your automotive business has many rewards and here are a few things to consider when putting on an apprentice:

  • Full-time apprentices and trainees work and train from 36 to 38 hours a week. Part-time apprentices and trainees work and train a minimum of
    15 hours per week, averaged over a four-week cycle.
  • Adult and mature-age apprentices and trainees provide reliability, life experience and knowledge that can be valuable not only to employers, but other staff. An adult apprentice or trainee’s existing skills and experience, gained through education, training, work and life experience, may provide them with credit and may reduce their training time.
  • School-based apprentices and trainees undertake an apprenticeship or traineeship as part of their high school studies. A school-based apprentice or trainee’s employment and/or training arrangements must impact on their school timetable for the program to be considered school-based. Read further information about school-based apprenticeships and traineeships here
  • It may be possible for an existing employee to commence an apprenticeship or traineeship with your business. Find out about eligibility of transitioning an existing worker to an apprenticeship or traineeship here

Investing in training through an apprenticeship can provide your business with real benefits and contribute to your bottom line. A range of financial incentives, costs and finical support should be taken into account when putting on an apprentice. Details here

Apart from financial incentives, there are other benefits for employers:

  • It is an effective way to attract and recruit staff as employers view apprenticeships and traineeships as an integral component of their workforce recruitment strategy. Employers train the person within their work environment in areas where skills are required.
  • It is a catalyst for rethinking systems and processes as employers have reported that training an apprentice or trainee often encourages staff to rethink and challenge existing work practices. Productivity improvements can be an unexpected consequence of employing an apprentice or trainee.
  • It can contribute to the community as school-based apprenticeships or traineeships can make a real difference in motivating young people to complete school and work towards their future goal.
  • It results in employer satisfaction as employers and supervisors often experience a great deal of satisfaction during the process as they help apprentices and trainees mold new skills and gain confidence in a work environment.

14 September 2021