School’s in for Auto Camp in the Holidays!

The MTA Institute (RTO No. 31529), recently held its second Auto Camp, a three-day course designed to immerse high school students in the automotive industry.

Held for the first time in the July school holidays and recently in September, the course is conducted at the Sir Jack Brabham Automotive Centre of Excellence, a $10 million-dollar state-of-the-art workshop. Students aged between 14 and 17, received hands-on experience in a range of different automotive skills, from new technology such as hybrid/electric vehicles to the principles and maintenance of a vehicle.

And not only is it practical, it’s also very popular. The course saw another full cohort of enthusiastic students getting involved in the program and coming away with an excellent set of baseline skills and knowledge of the industry.

Daniel Schuh, a 14-year old student from Aviation State High School decided to do the Auto Camp after discovering a love for all things automotive when introduced to the motor trades by his family.

“I love everything automotive and am interested in all things with a motor, so when I heard about Auto Camp it just made sense to do it.

“It was my first time in a mechanical workshop, so it was really cool to work with the tools and get my hands dirty with motors and learn about servicing a car – things that are really handy to know.”

But Auto Camp isn’t just for those passionate about the trade. The course is suited to all high school students and experience isn’t necessary.

Mr Paul Kulpa, General Manager of the MTA Institute said, “Auto Camp will show the future generation of workers where the automotive industry is now and where it is heading, in a fun, hands-on environment.

“We are aware that technology in the motor trades is evolving at a rapid pace and the purpose of Auto Camp is to show young men and women that there are many opportunities within the automotive industry and many more to come as innovative technology such as autonomous cars and electric vehicles enter the market.”

Suet Yee Kong (otherwise known as Shirley) is a 16-year-old student from Stretton State College who heard about Auto Camp through her school and decided to jump on the opportunity.

“I’ve really enjoyed Auto Camp, it’s been a great way to spend the holidays and I’ve learnt mechanical skills I can use in my day-to-day life and the industry may be something I will consider as a possible future career.”

Daniel agreed saying, “Auto Camp has confirmed to me that I’d like to work in the automotive industry in the future. I’d recommend Auto Camp as a good way to spend the holidays. I’ve learnt heaps, the trainers have been good and overall it’s just been a great experience.”

Mr Kulpa added, “Students who are interested in electronics, engineering, design or manufacturing will ultimately find Auto Camp a worthwhile and perfect introduction to the automotive industry.

“The course is an initiative to give young adults an opportunity to get a start in the industry and our goal is to ignite passion and interest, so students may have a better idea of that pathway as a potential choice when they leave high school.

“The MTA Institute plans to take Auto Camp to regional Queensland in 2019 and we hope to give high school students across the state exposure to the possibilities and opportunities that pursuing a career in the automotive industry can offer,” said Mr Kulpa.

Next course: 4-6 December

3 Oct 2018