R U OK? Day is a national day held on the second Thursday of September each year, dedicated to inspiring people of all backgrounds to regularly ask each other ‘Are you ok?’

MTAA Super and R U OK? have developed a set of resources that encourages people working in the motor trades industry to better support each other during life’s tough times.

The ‘It takes a real workmate to ask R U OK?’ campaign aims to help workmates get past what can sometimes feel like an awkward conversation when talking about emotions and life’s up and downs on the job.

The campaign includes a practical guide to asking workmates R U OK? and is designed to help people manage these conversations safely sensitively and effectively, as well as two different iterations of the downloadable posters and digital assets.
Helpful resources include:
  • Downloadable Posters
  • Digital Assets
  • Merchandise – Purchase Here
  • How to ask Guide
  • Information on where to find help

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