For those that have been involved in the review of the Automotive Training Package (which is the basis of all apprentice/trainee training), Auto Skills Australia has announced that the AUR (release 3) Automotive Retail, Service and Repair Training Package has been published to the National Register (

As Auto Skills Australia remarked: “This represents a critical milestone in the review of the AUR qualifications to meet the skills needs of the automotive industry while providing greater clarity for training providers, jurisdictions and regulators in implementation. It also completes the transition of the AUR and AUM (Automotive Manufacturing) training packages to the new Standards for Training Packages.”

This has been very long and rigorous process and, for the best part, looks to improve the training and delivery to learners with assessments to really test the students understanding of their underpinning skills and knowledge. This can only be a good outcome for industry.

For those who don’t know, the training package is the fundamental learning product that has been the basis of apprenticeship training over the past 20 years. Its development, and ongoing review, is to make sure it can meet the wide variety of jobs a mechanic would do in the workplace.

I know this is a pretty hard thing to achieve given the variety of jobs a mechanic has to do on a day-to-day basis, but it makes sure, as I mentioned before, the fundamentals are covered. The qualifications have over 50% core units (which are compulsory for an apprentice to do), so no matter if an apprentice is in a dealership or a small workshop, these units must be completed. In the end, this is also a good thing as employers can be confident that when they see a qualification it means it meets a minimum industry standard.

What you will also begin to notice is greater assessment requirements to be completed before an apprentice/trainee can be deemed as competent. Our training model allows us to visit your workplace and apprentice regularly to ensure training is completed and understood.
This will be reflected in the assessment outcome. We have always ensured our assessment tools meet the requirements of the training package and having the MTA Institute as your training provider will give you confidence your apprentice is competent.

Overall, these changes to the training package are a positive step towards ensuring apprentices have a qualification that meets industry requirements. Our commitment to delivering high quality training and assessment will remain and, if anything, will show some deficiencies in other providers in the market that can’t manage the requirements set out in the training package.

As with all employers who use MTA Institute, we will keep you posted on the transition to the updated training package.