Pre-Vocational Students ready to kick-start careers

MTA Institute’s mid-year pre-apprenticeship course has concluded successfully with five of the nine students taking the Certificate II program securing apprenticeship placements with the other four set to soon follow them into the industry.

The students completed the Certificate II in Automotive Vocational Preparation program at the end of May. The Certificate II course is a five-week program developed by the MTA Institute to assist industry in finding quality apprentices and employees, and is designed to give students an introduction to the automotive industry through training in basic technical knowledge and life skills.

It was, said Marcello Riotto, Operations Manager for the MTA Institute, a particularly fruitful five weeks with the students proving to be an enthusiastic young group who responded well to the training and to the opportunities the Institute was able to give them in finding apprenticeship positions.

“They were a great group and very engaged,” said Marcello. “And we have secured successful outcomes for many of them through our connections with industry, MTA Queensland members and through Group Training Organisations, with three receiving apprenticeship offers at dealerships and two at independents. The rest of the students are really close to securing employment too and certainly now have the tools to be gainfully employed and productive when opportunities arise.”

While the Certificate II pre-vocational program delivers basic training in many technical aspects of mechanical work – including safe workplace practices, identifying mechanical systems and components, identifying electrical systems and components, and carrying out servicing operations, amongst others – an important aspect of the course includes training on various ‘life skills’.
And it is these skills – that include interview techniques, how to communicate effectively, and how to create a resume, as well as stressing the importance of attitude and appearance – that are, said Marcello, critical to young people looking to enter the industry.

“Life skills are a very important element of the course,” he said. “Learning and appreciating the value that employers put on their staff presenting well, having a good attitude, being willing to get involved, even getting to work on time, is crucial. In fact, for many employers, finding someone who has these personal attributes along with a real interest in the trade is one of the main objectives when looking for an apprentice.

“Technical skills are important, of course, but employers really are looking for people with passion, who are proactive and who have the right attitude.”
For 23-year-old Ashleigh Johnson, the Cert II course has given her the chance to start her automotive industry career after a long search for a mechanical apprenticeship. During the program, she was able to meet prospective employers who had been invited to talk to the students and has now secured a light vehicle apprenticeship with the Keema Hyundai Springwood dealership in Brisbane.

“I sent my resume to them, as did another student from this class, and we both secured interviews,” she said. “We had one interview here at the Institute and a few days later got calls to go to Springwood to have a formal interview there. I was very nervous, but it went well and we were both offered the apprenticeships that day!

“It really shows that this course does help and employers regard it very highly.”

“This is a course that we have delivered for many years and it is proven. We know the model works,” said Marcello. “The duration is right, the content is right, we have a very good balance and the students are productive right from the start.”

MTA Institute have another course scheduled for the end of July 2018, so if you know of anyone that would benefit from the course or are looking for a first year apprentice, please make contact with the Institute.

5 Jul 2018