The MTA Institute offers AUR20716, a Certificate II in Automotive Vocational Preparation which is a course designed to give students a comprehensive set of skills as a basic introduction to the automotive industry. The trainee undertaking this course will learn to:

  • service mechanical parts such as the engine, transmission (clutch, gear box and differential);
  • service suspension systems (springs, steering, brakes, wheels and tyres);
  • identify and inspect mechanical and electrical components of light and heavy vehicles, outdoor power equipment and motorcycles; and
  • perform basic maintenance and repairs.

On successful completion of this course, students will have a higher level of skills in automotive increasing their employability potential, and greater likelihood of successfully undertaking an apprenticeship pathway.

The course takes five weeks and upcoming dates include:

  • 4 February – 8 March 2019
  • 29 April – 31 May 2019

MTA Institute’s mid-year pre-apprenticeship course proudly resulted in five of the nine students taking the Certificate II program securing apprenticeship placements with the other four set to soon follow them into the industry.

While the Certificate II pre-vocational program delivers basic training in many technical aspects of mechanical work an important aspect of the course includes training on various ‘life skills’.

“The course includes interview techniques, how to communicate effectively and how to create a resume, as well as stressing the importance of attitude and appearance – critical aspects for young people looking to enter the industry,” said Marcello Riotto, MTA Institute Operations Manager.

The Queensland Government will offset the cost of study for eligible students.

To enrol or enquire contact [email protected] or click here.

12 Oct 2018