October 2021

A decade ago, back in August 2011, I wrote an article looking ahead at a 10-year skilling and workforce development outlook for the Queensland automotive industry. What did I forecast? I said sophisticated diagnostic equipment will become more common over the next 10 years, that the rise in electronic contents in vehicles will also contribute to the growth in technology in the future, and that this will need to be reflected in future training packages. I mentioned that:

  • Opportunities will exist in developing a service base for four-wheel-drive vehicles and sport utility vehicles. The use of these vehicles grew strongly in the past decade and will continue to represent a large proportion of vehicles on the road (although decreasing as consumers switch from the larger cars). This is because there are a number of smaller four-wheel-drive vehicles on the market that are affordable to younger working people.
  • The introduction of new types of cars into the market will create additional demand for mechanics. The technology of hybrid and electric cars is relatively new. As a result, these cars will require new types of repairs that do not exist in the more common cars that have been on the road for decades. Companies need to keep up with these potential repair areas and this can be done by constantly training staff. The way hybrid-electric vehicles (and electric vehicles in the longer term) are maintained will also change, as hybrid cars rely less heavily on the internal combustion engine, while electric cars do not require petrol to run at all.
  • New vehicles will be fitted with advanced telematics technology, which will require sophisticated remote diagnostics equipment. Telematics refers to the technology used to facilitate the retrieval of electronic data from a vehicle.

This trip down memory lane reinforced to me that technology continues to wash through the automotive industry and that continuing to upskill is vitally important. We need to continue to provide training to support the automotive industry, through either our accredited courses or our micro-credentialing suite of products. Education never gets old!

Additionally, a quick shout out to the recipients of our 2021 Vocational Education and Training (VET) Trainer Scholarships. They have been awarded to Felicity Wright from the Gold Coast, who works at RDO Equipment in Loganholme, and Jack Cunnington from Manly West, who works at Mechanix Plus in Wynnum. All the best in your training journey.

12 October 2021