October, 2017

Change . . . it’s a word everyone knows and makes you evolve in many different ways. The automotive industry has, with technology advancements, changed greatly over the years and I
don’t think we’ll ever see it stop doing so. I continue to be fascinated by the rate of change and what we need to do as a training organisation to keep up.

Take, for example, our last three months. The MTA Institute has transitioned to a new training package for the automotive retail, service and repair industry; migrated to a new digital platform
to keep our students and employers better connected to our training programs; and our trainers have updated their IT hardware in line with this digital migration.

This change has come about as a result of reviews of our training programs to better engage with our customers (i.e. greater flexibility, accessibility and accountability).
As with any change, you do get bumps in the road. However, I believe the support available through our administration team and in particular our trainers will provide students and
employers the confidence to adapt to this change and ultimately achieve better outcomes for all.

The trainers have experienced this change first hand and have been exceptional at discussing with students and employers the new digital training platform. The effort the training group has
put in over the last couple of months can never be understated! We will continue to develop the new digital system, and the positive benefits will be there for all of us to see at the end of this
change – better apprentices and employers satisfied with the training program.