November 2019

Years ago, I was discussing with a trainer what makes us different to other automotive training providers. This trainer had been in the industry for many years and seen a lot of change and during our discussion, he commented that our training company is a leader in the industry. He said that, as a leader, you set the standard and level you want to achieve and others will follow. I will always remember these comments.

More than 20 years ago, the MTA Institute was one of the first training providers to offer on-the-job training in the workplace. Today, we are the leader of this type of training delivery in the automotive industry and have demonstrated excellence and high-level performance in this area by remaining committed to staying at the forefront of changing industry requirements and implementing the latest delivery techniques to students that are designed to enhance their learning capabilities.

We lead by offering a full suite of nationally accredited automotive apprenticeships and traineeships in the fields of Light Vehicle, Heavy Vehicle, Auto Electrical, Motorcycle, Mobile Plant, Agricultural, Parts Interpreting, Automotive Body Repair and Refinishing, and Outdoor Power Equipment.

We also offer courses to assist in licensing, including Motor Salesperson, Motor Vehicle Dealers, Motor Dealer Wrecker and Motor Wrecker Salesperson courses.

We lead by demonstrating creativity and innovation in the design and development of processes and techniques, for example with the introduction of our digital learning platform, Ready Skills – an online learning system that allows students to access text books and training resources online at any time through their smart devices.

This system means our students, who are located across Queensland, are not disadvantaged by lack of access to learning materials. This also has the added advantage of allowing students to study at their own pace. Coupled with face-to-face on-site training, this means each student’s learning is personalised, flexible and reflects their individual needs.

This innovative learning experience wouldn’t come together without our trainers. They are recruited from industry and understand the challenges faced by automotive students. They are always available to discuss and clarify training methods for the students, employers and supervisors alike in the workplace. Out trainers are there to make the future leaders of industry.

We’ve got a great responsibility, and the team works hard to deliver on this and continue to lead the automotive training industry.