MARIO TESTA is the MTA Institute  Apprentice of the Month for November.

The 22-year-old, first-year Automotive Sales (Parts Interpreting) apprentice, who works for Oldmac Toyota in Brisbane, has set high standards in customer service and is excelling in the requirements of his training.

“Mario has done exceptional work,” said Derrick Pratt, his MTA Institute trainer. “He has carried out his assessments and completed his learning guide to the highest standard and when I have observed him dealing with customers he goes beyond the standard one might expect. He has a mature and positive attitude which is great to see.”

Mario was brought up in a family that loved cars and it was natural for him to move into the industry. However, finding the right sector within the industry took a little while and he only moved into Parts after first spending time as a mechanical apprentice.

“I grew up around a lot of different cars, both old and new and, with my father being a mechanic, it felt comfortable to work in the industry,” he said. “I was in my third year as a mechanical apprentice when I realised that, as an everyday job, that wasn’t for me and that I enjoyed that side of things more as a hobby.

“I am really enjoying the work and the training in Parts Interpreting. I am dealing with lots of people and oversee the parts counter serving customers and assisting them with finding and ordering parts for their Toyota or Mazda.”