My Profiling App Update (April 2020)

First download “My Profiling MULTIPIC” from the App store.

When the app is opened, users should see this screen:

Green notification bubbles indicate an action is required.

To confirm the WPSA request, the user will select the “WPSA Request” icon, which will take them to this screen:

Select “Agree WPSA”.

Unfortunately the app does not present a notification for an outstanding “site visit” yet.

The user will have to select the “site visit” icon to confirm the visit.

Once “site visit” is selected, the following screen will appear:

The user can then select the eye symbol to review the sessions activities. (NOTE: Users will have to select the “X” to close the small window before they are able to confirm the visit.

Once the user is happy with the content, they can select the “tick” symbol followed by the “confirm visit” button.