Caleb Ferguson is MTAQ’s Apprentice of the Month for February. The 19-year-old, 1st year motorcycle mechanic apprentice, based at Pro Honda Motorcycles in Maroochydore, has impressed both his MTAI trainer and his work colleagues with his enthusiasm for the trade.

It’s no surprise Caleb decided that a career working with motorcycles was for him – he comes from a family of motocross enthusiasts, with all of his brothers sharing the same passion for Caleb when it comes to riding.

“I have always grown up around motorbikes,’ he said. “My friend’s dad owns a motorbike shop, and my friend put in a good word for me, I got an interview, and the job!

“I really enjoy working on motocross bikes, more than road-bikes actually. It’s interesting to see how it all works, and there’s always something new to learn.”

“Caleb is a very enthusiastic student,” said MTAI trainer Darryl Shields. “He is a very competent and studious worker and has carried out a number of activities very easily.”

Paul Petersen, owner of Pro Honda, said he was very pleased with Caleb’s progress.

“We’re very happy with him, he’s a good kid who works hard and does his job well. When he’s not servicing or tyre-changing, he’s busy doing everything else a good apprentice should do.”

A young man with plenty of ambition, Caleb sees a long and fruitful career in the industry.

“It’s always an option to have my own business,” he said.  “If not, I’d like to work for a factory motocross team for the Australian nationals and other competitions.”