Rowan Foxwell is a first year MTAI apprentice at Woods Auto Electrics, based in Tolga, a small town located in the remote Atherton Tablelands in Far North Queensland.

The Woods Auto Electrics team is made up of two apprentices, two auto electricians who are also qualified air conditioning technicians, and two office staff.

Much of the work that comes through the shop includes maintaining and fixing buses, trucks and other commercial vehicles.

Rowan recently received his subsidised ‘Snap On Starter Toolkit’ through the MTAQ, which he purchased with the support of the Federal Governments Trade Support Loan Scheme, made available to apprenticeships and trainees to help them cover the costs of living and learning whilst studying.

“My instructor got me onto it and told me that there was a special going on this toolkit, so I applied for it through the trade support loan, and sort of just waited for it to come. It’s really good, I like it!

“As an apprentice you’re not very well funded, so this sort of helps you get your tools and all the things you need.”

Rowan received some friendly teasing from his co-workers after receiving his brand new tools so quickly. When asked if his co-workers were jealous, Rowan said, “They’ve all got tools too, but just to get something like that so quickly, I was pretty lucky I guess, that’s what they thought.”

The 169-piece piece Starter Kit plus Roll Cab is available for students enrolled with MTAI for a generously subsidised price including GST. Contact Marcello Riotto at [email protected]