MTA Queensland is the peak organisation representing the specific interests of businesses in the retail, service and repair sectors of Queensland’s automotive value chain. There are some 13,000 automotive businesses employing in excess of 90,000 persons generating more than $14.5 billion annually.

With the rapid advancement of technologies in the automotive industry and the imminent disruption caused by these changes, Queensland is on the cusp of a major innovation revolution and with that brings enormous opportunity. As the peak body we are constantly reviewing the needs of business to ensure they are best positioned to seize opportunities aligned with emerging technologies, and key to that is the future workforce and their relevant skills.

MTA Queensland welcomes the Federal Opposition Leader, Bill Shorten’s statement outlining his support for helping more Australians gain employment through strengthening the vocational education and training (VET) system.

Dr Brett Dale, CEO of MTA Queensland, said, “In addition to the points outlined by the Opposition Leader, it is important to remember that vocational training goes well beyond that of TAFE as a solution. Relevant training linked to occupational outcomes involves significant ongoing industry consultation regarding training design and is equally dependent on both private and public providers to meet the training needs of business.

“We strongly support the needs of young adults seeking qualifications outside the tertiary pathway. This is even more important having identified that the automotive sector is about to boom and that skills developed through VET are critical to the relevance of automotive jobs in the future. It is imperative that VET is supported by government at all levels and that the decline in funding ceases.”

MTA Queensland will continue to work with the Opposition and Government to support policies that strengthen VET and drive employment opportunities for Queensland job seekers in the automotive industry.