Most of us spend a lot of hours in our cars these days, commuting, chauffeuring kids, and running errands. To ease your auto related anxiety, and after much heated debate, the MTA Institute has chosen our Top 10 Car Gadgets, Gizmo’s and Accessories for 2016. Some of these inventions are quite useful, and some are not when it comes to utlity. In fact, they might warrant this question from the user: “What on earth were they thinking?”

1.    Flux Capacitor USB Car Charger 

Drive your way back to the future with your very own Flux Capacitor. Whilst we don’t know where you’re going, Doc Brown himself has granted permission to the makers of the Flux Capacitor USB Car Charger to help get you there. With the help of a 12V power adapter, this must have accessory will help you keep your gadgets charged, but unfortunately, it won’t take you back to the future.

In addition to being awesome, two USB ports, each are capable of charging almost any USB powered device (1 x 1A and 1 x 2.1A).  Caught in gridlock traffic? No worries, because your device will still be charging and the Flux Capacitor Car Charger’s mesmerizing pulse allows you to one-up on the motorist next to you. It’s time to get yourself a Flux Capacitor Car Charger in the present (so you can enjoy it in the future).


  • Looks like a Flux Capacitor from the Back to the Future series
  • Two USB charging ports (1 x 1A and 1 x 2.1A)
  • Approx Dimensions 2.5″ x 3″

 Price $23.50

Via Amazon

2. 16 Oz Portable Travel Mug

Jazz up your daily commute to the office, with a Dual Heated Travel Mug, and keep your hot beverages warm wherever you go. Simply plug it in to your 12V charger, and rest assured, your morning coffee will never go cold again. If you’re the type that takes your tele-commute and coffee with you on the go, then switch out your power source directly  into your USB hub. The Dual Heated Travel Mug is made of durable stainless steel and holds 16 ounces of your favorite hot beverage.


  • 16 oz travel mug keeps your coffee hot
  • Plug it into your cigarette lighter in the car
  • Plug it into your USB port at the office
  • Locking, spill-resistant lid
  • Love your mug: Hand wash due to electronic parts!

Price: $25.00

Via Amazon

3.    Viotek Tru-Comfort Heating and Cooling Auto Cushion

No one is safe from those blistering hot Australian summer days, especially when you open your car and sit down on a flaming hot seat. And what about those chilly winter mornings, when hopping into your car is akin to entering the cold room at your local bottle shop? None of this is a problem if you’re driving a luxury marque, but for those less well-healed motorists, Viotek’s Heated-Cooling car seat is brings that luxury to you.


1.     Central micro-processing system: central independent auto seat air-conditioning system that protects your cars performance and efficiency

2.     Ventilation: the seat itself is equipped with a control device: the maximum fanning speed cools down the seat heated by direct sunshine,

3.     Dehumidifying and cooling: airflow counterbalance that adjusts to your body’s temperature in all directions

4.     5-gear heating system.

5.     Intelligent temperature control.

6.     Intelligent and automatic protection: system will be halted automatically when there is electric leakage or short circuit in system circuit.

7.     Low energy consumption technology.

Price $99.99

Via Amazon

4.    Karcher Under Car Chassis Cleaner

Calling all lovers of 4WD’s and other adventure-ready vehicles. The Karcher Under Car Chassis Cleaner is a compact under body cleaner for hassle-free dirt removal, sludge, mud and sand from underneath your 4WD’s, cars, boats, trailers and caravans.


  • Suits all current Karcher electric high pressure cleaners
  • Includes foam nozzle for applying wax or detergent
  • Ideal for 4WDs

Price: $130

Via Bunnings

5.     WikiCamps Australia App

Ditch your old camping guides for the WikiCamps Australia app, a sleek, smart and informative smart-phone application that is a must-have for weekenders and day trippers alike. WikiCamps is a crowdsourced database of Australian campsites, caravan parks, backpacker hostels, and day trips. All information is shared and modified by users of the app, which is a perfect solution for planning your next Aussie getaway. With over 22,000 listings already and access to site details, comments and prices while offline. Join the largest and fastest growing camping app in Australia. Listings including Caravan Parks, Camp Sites, Backpacker Hostels, Day Stops, Points of Interest, Information Centres and Dump Stations.

Each site has loads of information to help you plan your get away from activities including swimming, fishing, 4x4ing, pet rules, Wi-Fi hotspots, pricing, toilets, showers, and heaps more.


  • Satellite dish pointer
  • Camping checklist
  • Home clock
  • Chat forum
  • Compass
  • High quality offline map

Price $7.99

Via iTunes

6.    RoadPro 12-Volt Portable Stove

This intuitive and car friendly appliance is a must have for the travelling gourmand. A great portable stove that can be used in cars, trucks, boats and motor homes. Housed in a durable case with an easy-to-lug carry handle in the lid, it’s powered from a simple 12V DC source capable (cigarette lighter) of supplying up to 10A. Not a fan of cleaning appliances? You are not alone, because interior aluminium cooking surface allows for easy cleaning and is well insulated to keep foods warm inside while the outside stays cool to the touch. Includes a 15A Auto blade fuse and fitted cigarette lighter plug.


  • Plugs Directly into a 12-Volt Power Port
  •  Cooks or Warms Food Up to 300°F
  • 15 Amp Fused 5.5′ Power Cord
  • 12 Amps/144 Watts Current Draw
  • Uses 8″ x 3-3/4″ x 2-1/2″ Aluminum Disposable Pans, Model RPSC-90820

Price: $34.32

Via Amazon

7.    Road rage swearing punch ball

The next time your demon within awakens when you’re behind the wheel, take your auto related frustrations out on the Road Rage Swearing Punch Ball. The punch will calm you down and churn out empathetic phrases like “take the bus idiot” and “get of the road [sic]!.”

If you’re temporarily blinded by rage when behind the wheel, and can’t hit the road without honking someone, this could be the novel solution you have been looking for. Striking the punch ball will help calm you down, and help you save face in the event of a nasty exchange between your fellow motorists. One thing is for sure, Australian roads would be a much happier place if we all had one of hanging from our windscreens.


  • Simply plug it onto your windscreen and punch away your automotive woes
  • Says phrases like “Take the bus idiot!”, “Learn to drive!”, “Get off the road [sic]!
  • Measures approx 8 cm x 15 cm x 8 cm
  • Ready made stress reliever

Price 13.46

Via Amazon

8.    Fuloon® Car Travel PVC Inflatable Bed Airbed Air Bed Overnighter 

Sleeping in a car is no comfortable matter, and ‘driver alternating’ road trippers, commuters, couriers and other motorists who may need a snooze whilst embarking on a trip can now rejoice. Never sleep rough on the road again with the Fuloon Car Travel PVC Inflatable Bed. Designed to help transform the backseat of your sedan into a lux rest area, it works just like a traditional air mattress, and features a clever portion on the bottom that boosts the bed upward and makes it level with your backseat.


·       Material:PVC

·       Vehicle travel bed For tourism

·       Size(LxWxH): 135cmx88cmx42cm (53inch x 34.6inch x 16.5inch)

·       Suitable for most sedan sized Car’s models, 4WDs and Most people movers.

Price $147.55

Via Medgx

9.    HipKey – GPS Key Locator

Are you one of those persons that easily loses their car keys, and spends an inordinate amount of time looking for them? Quite obviously, technology is the solution to this age old and time consuming problem. Introducing the HipKey-and-app combo, designed to help you track down your missing keys, whether for your car or home. The app alerts you with a 90dB alarm if your smart-phone and keys get separated by more than 50 meters.


  • Easy setup and usage of hipKey™ via app on iPhone and iPad
  • 4 key features designed to keep an eye on your valuables
  • Small compact design, Only 50 mm in diameter
  • Long range – up to 50 metres (Using Bluetooth Smart)
  • Rechargeable battery with micro-USB charging
  • Loud alarm (90 dB)
  • Clear vibration indications
  • Motion detection
  • Green & red LED lights

Price $39.95

Via Hoco

10.    Cyntur JumperPack Mini Jump Starter

Never get stuck in car again with the Cyntur JumperPack Mini Jump Starter. Super handy, this ultra compact jump starter comes pre-charged with a 12000 mAh lithium ion battery. The JumperPack Mini delivers 250 cranking amps of starting power to get you running again. Working with engines with four, six, and eight cylinders, the JumperPack Mini features SafeJump battery clamps, with on black and one red, to prevent over-current and reverse charge. To help you out with in your stressful condition, the JumperPack Mini is also equipped with a 200 lumen LED light built in to be used as an emergency strobe or a flashlight, with a USB charger as well — in case you’ve drained your smart-phone due to excessive selfie taking.


  • Jump starts 4, 6, and 8 cylinder engines
  • Pre-charged 12,000mAh Li-Ion internal battery – 250 cranking amps of starting power
  • Includes a 2.1A USB port for charging smartphones and tablets on the go
  • Built-in 200 Lumen LED light functions as a continuous torch or emergency strobe light
  • SafeJump Battery Clamps- SafeJump technology prevents reverse charge and over-current

Price: $101.61

Via Amazon