Hybrid and Electric Vehicles (HEV’s) are leading the automotive industry technological revolution and MTA Institute is an advocate for automotive professionals becoming educated and skilled in an area that is lacking in Australia.

The MTA Institute is the largest private provider of automotive apprenticeships and training in Queensland and the home of the state-of-the-art facility, the Sir Jack Brabham Automotive Centre of Excellence. Led by the MTA Group, the MTA Institute is proud to be leading the way in the automotive disruption solutions, offering expertly led HEV training courses to assist in bridging the gap.

The MTA Institute identified Townsville as a Queensland region that both needed HEV training and desired it. Paul Tugwell, MTA Institute Trainer and HEV expert, is passionate about sharing his knowledge with the Queensland automotive industry and said. “HEV’s are undoubtable leading the future of the automotive world.

“It’s becoming more apparent that these vehicles will be seen with growing frequency on Australian roads and the MTA Institute believes it’s imperative for automotive professionals to be trained in what will soon become the norm.”

Joined in Townsville by a group of enthusiastic automotive professionals, MTA Institute delivered training which focused on automotive repairers gaining a comprehensive understanding of the operation, functionality and test repair methods of HEV’s. Met by a resounding positive experience, the attendees gained the necessary skills and knowledge to deal with HEV batteries, operations and diagnostics.

MTA Institute delivers training and courses in HEV and other automotive disciplines regularly throughout the year. For more information visit: https://mtai.edu.au/