MTA Institute Launches Auto Camp Course for School kids

As the automotive industry continues its evolution through new technological advancements, it becomes ever more important to provide the training, programs and projects that assist and prepare those already in the industry, and those about to enter it, for the future.

MTA Institute continues to be at the forefront of this evolution, developing courses such as Hybrid Electric Vehicle Inspection and Servicing – and is now launching a new program to, this one aimed at showing the younger generation the possibilities and opportunities that a career in automotive can deliver.

Called Auto Camp, the three-day course is designed so that high school students aged 14-17 will be exposed to, and get some hands-on experience in, a range of automotive areas, from the traditional areas such as fundamental automotive principles to new areas such as hybrid and battery technology.

For those young people who might be thinking of automotive as a career option, or perhaps aren’t aware of what that career might be, it’s the perfect introduction.

“Auto Camp is an initiative to get school students involved in the industry,” said Paul Kulpa, General Manager of MTA Institute. “It’s about showing them what the industry has to offer and putting them on the right path to, maybe, one day working in automotive.”

To be held from July 3-5, the first Auto Camp course will take place at the Institute’s training facility in Brisbane and will, said Mr Kulpa, cater to all students.

“The course is for students who already work with cars as a hobby and want to know more, but it is also just as relevant to young people who have no real experience but would like to see if automotive is something that is interesting and that they could pursue.

“We know the industry is evolving rapidly and we need to show that it is more than just spinning filters off cars and that there are many opportunities in dealerships and specialist areas. We want to inspire students. We want to show them what the industry is about now and where it is heading.”

The Auto Camp course will be run by two of MTA Institute’s senior trainers and will include theory sessions as well as practical demonstrations.

While the course is to be held first at the Sir Jack Brabham Automotive Centre of Excellence, Mr Kulpa said there would be scope, should the course prove popular, to take it on the road.

“If this course is a success, then we will look at taking it to other locations across the state,” he said. “Ultimately, we want to give school students access to the many facets of the automotive industry – access they might not get without the opportunity Auto Camp delivers.”

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12 Apr 2018