Mechanic and truck driver hiring’s lead country’s reopening

Job opportunities for mechanics and other automotive trade occupations are driving the nation’s recovery from the recent COVID-19 pandemic according to data released by the National Skills Commission (NSC).

With businesses across many industries continuing to reopen and restructure operations following recent shutdowns, statistics from the latest NSC job survey have revealed that one in four employers were having difficulties recruiting skilled workers to fill jobs lost during COVID-19.

Between 11 May and 5 June, 26 per cent of employers reported difficulties with recruiting, down from 38 per cent in April.

Truck drivers and motor mechanics were found to be among the most difficult positions to fill, suggesting opportunities are opening up for those in the automotive trade.

Childcare staff, managers and retail sales assistant position openings were also prominent among the 2,400 employers surveyed.

Minister for Employment and Skills Michaelia Cash said the statistics released by the NSC indicated Australia was well on the path to recovery and expected more businesses to resume hiring in the coming months.

“As restrictions ease, we are starting to see some signs of recovery across the country,” said Cash.

“The data shows businesses are starting to hire again, in many industries and at all skill levels, with the highest number of jobs in demand having no requirement for a formal qualification.

“As restrictions ease, we expect this trend will continue. While Australians, and the economy, have a long way to go in terms of a full economic recovery, this data shows we are on the right path.”

Overall, 20 per cent of Queensland employers were hiring during May, while the figure across the country was 18.7 per cent.

Source: The Australian (subscription required) | Truckies, childcare top new jobs list

12 June 2020