March 2019

Is it just me or is it busy? We’ve started the year full throttle and I’ve been pulled up by a couple of staff members asking me if it’s September already? The time feels like it’s flying (and yes, I realise we are only into March).

I recently had the absolute privilege to deliver a presentation at our MTA Institute graduation ceremony for apprentices who had finished their training. This is our third such graduation event and it was pleasing to see the graduates, and their families and friends, at the event and be recognised for their hard work.

It takes four years it to complete an apprenticeship. This is a significant amount of time, and reflecting on how the world has changed and, in particular, how technology has changed, reminds us of what challenges have occurred in those years. The automotive industry is an industry of innovation and change, and to keep up you just have to keep learning and have a thirst to be educated!

The evening was a time to reflect upon the great experiences the apprentices (or should I say tradespeople) enjoyed during their training and how they are now equipped as technicians and ready to be a part of positive change and growth in the industry. Well done to all!

The Institute has also been busy engaging with industry on validating our training and assessment strategies. This basically covers the way we deliver our training and how we assess an apprentice as competent.

The feedback helps us develop a contemporary training and assessment strategy in consultation with industry and ensures our staff, equipment, facilities and learning resources are consistent with the requirements of the relevant Training Package (i.e. AUR).

The process ensures we continue to provide the ongoing provision of high-quality training services, including training delivery, assessment methods and robust administrative processes to support training compliance and obligations.

As always, I appreciate the feedback from industry on our training and any improvements we can make.