June, 2018

I recently had the opportunity to attend Queensland’s Small Business Week Summit in Brisbane.

It’s fair to say there are a lot of balls being juggled in the air at the best of times for anyone running a small business, let alone trying to make it all work together and have it run successfully all the time – although, on that point of success, and after listening to the panel of presenters, success can be measured in many different ways (i.e. lifestyle balance, business purpose, financial outcomes, etc.).

Throughout the day, discussions were held around the changing nature of employment – social, economic and technological changes – and how it impacted the when, where and why people work. Discussions were held on creating businesses with purpose, and also how and why Queensland small businesses needs to change in order to stay competitive.

Ultimately, there were two things that caught my attention or, actually, two words:

  1. Speed. The amount of development and the way in which business is changing has really sped up.

Technology is the best example. Who would’ve thought that Facebook would have more than a couple of billion followers and is the highest advertising platform available – it is now the norm for advertising. Customers interaction via digital platforms has also sped up service requirements. If you don’t engage the consumer quickly, you might miss the sale. Speed has certainly changed how we do business and what expectations are now placed on business to respond.

  1. Curiosity. This is something I found myself thinking about given the presenters built successful business based on curiosity, or by looking at new opportunities without completely shutting down the new ideas thrown their way. Curiosity will keep you going, keep you interested and keep you ahead of changes in your business.

It was all really great stuff and for more info on small business presentations, you can go to the website on upcoming events supporting Queensland’s small businesses.