June 2019

We’ve been busy over the last month and heading to finish off the financial year well.

We’ve got a number of programs coming up, including our automotive vocational program starting on Monday, 29th July. This is a five-week program that introduces students to the world of the automotive industry.

Interestingly, talking to people in industry, it’s these sort of ‘starter’ courses that get them in the door and help them on their way. We are pleased to keep offering these types of programs to support the industry.

We are continuing to offer our Trade Recognition program that assists people with experience gain a nationally accredited qualification. We’ve seen the benefit this sort of program offers to people in the trade to help them get their qualification and spur them on to further study.

It’s a great initiative and something I strongly recommend to people in the industry who don’t have their qualification. It is something to work towards without it being too expensive.

A little know qualification we deliver is the Outdoor Power Equipment qualification. I continue to meet with the Outdoor Power Equipment Association and its members to spread the word on the benefits of this qualification for their workforce and as an entry point into this sector via an apprenticeship. We’ve seen a small increase in the number of apprentices in this sector, but with more promotion I believe this can grow.

I recently had the opportunity to speak at the Women on Tools Breakfast held at MTA Queensland. Interestingly, women make up 18.5 per cent of dealership employees, with 8 per cent of women employed in key positions and 91 per cent in office and admin support.

However, tradeswomen represent a significantly lower percentage of the automotive workforce with only 2.4 per cent of all female apprentices completing their trade in the last 10 years. It is clear there is a lack of tradeswomen represented in the automotive workforce.

So often at MTA Institute we are thinking of ways we can improve the participation rate of females in the trade. Ultimately that comes from industry and workplaces that look at applicants must make a decision on ability. It’s about broadening horizons and opportunities; about bringing down barriers and empowering people. This not only creates a lot of economic benefits, but also brings people together. There’s a clear link there. MTA Institute supports women in the trade because trade matters to women, and women matter to the trade.

Thanks again for your time and if you require any info on training please don’t hesitate to contact me.