July 2020

I hope everyone is travelling well and starting to see some recovery after what has, no doubt, been a number of tough months.

By no means are we out of the woods, but everyone taking the appropriate COVID-19 precautionary measures will go a long way to getting us out the woods quicker. The MTA Queensland COVID-19 bulletin has been a great source of information for businesses looking for a way to access the relevant information that is currently available out there. I would recommend keeping an eye out for the bulletin as it will help you navigate your way through all things COVID-19.

As a training organisation, we have continued to train and skill apprentices and we have been really impressed with the resilience of business to support its staff and apprentices through this time. I did see a report from the National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER) – the national professional body responsible for collecting, managing, analysing and communicating research and statistics on the Australian Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector – and it had conducted surveys in 2008, 2010 and 2019.

Now, I know this was pre-COVID-19, but the surveys collected responses from apprentices and trainees who completed, cancelled or withdrew from their training, and included employment outcomes, reasons for non-completion, further study outcomes and satisfaction levels for the apprenticeship or traineeship. For the trades sector in 2019:

  • 91.5 per cent of trade completers and 74.1 per cent of trade non-completers were employed after training. A similar result to 2008.
  • 88.9 per cent of trade completers and 51.9 per cent of trade non-completers were satisfied with their apprenticeship or traineeship overall. Both results were up from 2008.

The report highlighted the good news for individuals looking for a career in the automotive industry. There are very high levels of certainty around employment and satisfaction when undertaking the training. Whilst the economy is weak, I still believe Trades will form a big part of the economic recovery and support the nation coming out of the recession.

Any trade training (i.e. apprenticeships) will need serious ongoing support from government, and supporting apprenticeships through the recovery should be a priority for skills development and will complement the economic recovery plan. Trade pathway programs, such as our automotive prevocational program, can support displaced workers to transition into the automotive sector and attract new entrants into the market. However, without employers, this cannot work. So, for employers, these are some of the following programs to assist with this support:

As always, for any help with your training needs and workforce development, please don’t hesitate to contact us.