July 2019

The end of financial year has come and gone and we’ve had a pretty productive year. We’ve seen our apprenticeship training numbers increase and we’ve maintained our high level of satisfaction for students and employers. This is great for the industry. However, the Australian Jobs 2019 report and, in particular, the breakdown of the automotive industry within the report, notes there’s some decrease in the projected employment change in the automotive industry over the next five years. However, I believe there’s certainly plenty of opportunity – it’s just where to focus.

The foundation of the automotive workforce has been the apprenticeship model and I still believe this to be the best model moving forward. Learning while you work and achieving a trade qualification at the end of your apprenticeship is a great achievement.

But it is what comes next that I believe determines an individual’s future and their employment chances. And that is the ongoing learning and development that happens after an apprenticeship – whether in a business course, or further technical professional development. This ongoing training will always ensure a person remains employable. If you’re thinking of taking on more training and are looking for any training courses that might work for you, CLICK HERE

July brings with it new training courses for people wanting to enter the automotive industry. These are the MTA Queensland Auto Camp (three days), followed by an Automotive Prevocational Program (five weeks). These courses will help people gain an insight into the automotive retail, service and repair industry and, hopefully, place them into employment following the automotive prevocational program.

We are also thrilled this month to have representation from apprentices, trainees and trainers state-wide at the Queensland Training Award regional finals. The awards showcase all that’s great about Vocational Education and Training (VET) in Queensland. The MTA Institute celebrates our own VET Trainer of the Year nominee, Terry Palfrey, and Apprentice and Trainee of the Year nominees Jack Goodrich, Symon Meer Axton and Shauna Milne. They will compete against three other finalists in their category and region. If successful, they will go on to compete for the State award and will face off against all regional winners in September. Good luck to all.

As always, if you need any further information on workforce development, please do not hesitate to contact us.