July, 2017

If you have apprentices training with MTA Institute then you will, over the next few months, notice a change in the way we are engaging with you and your apprentices.
This change in the way we communicate will come via a new system called My Profiling.

You may have previously seen information on the My Profiling system. People have asked me what My Profiling means, and it comes under the banner of ‘digital interface’ – a learning management system that, put simply, means a move from a paper-based system to a digital system.

Fundamentally, we will continue to provide the same training services as we always have. Our trainers will continue to attend your workplace and deliver training on the practical components of the automotive trade – it’s what makes us the best automotive training organisation in the state.

However, as an employer with an apprentice you want to be kept as up to date as possible with the progress of your apprentice’s training. That is as it should be, and moving to the My Profiling digital platform will mean you, the employer, will have instant access to information on your apprentice’s development. You will be able to see what point they have reached in their apprenticeship training, what training they have received and how they are progressing.

My Profiling moves us into an area where everyone – trainer, employer and apprentice – will have instant connectivity and greater engagement through the training agenda. This can only be a good thing.

On another issue, you may have noticed Careers Australia, a vocational education provider which delivered automotive training, has gone under. This is a disappointing event and has seen a number of employers and students who were engaged with Careers Australia try to understand what their next steps should be to continue with their training.

By now, anyone under an automotive apprenticeship through Careers Australia should have been contacted by the Department of Education and Training on what their options are.
If not, please feel free to contact us and we can provide you with details on what you can do to keep your training going.