Innovation creates jobs that require new automotive training

CSIRO’s Data61 has recently released a detailed report (the Innovation Imperative report) which identifies the technology, emerging global markets, demographics and other significant factors that will reshape the Queensland job market in the next 20 years.

This is expected to affect the Automotive Industry significantly with the motor trades predicted to face the greatest level of technological disruption seen since the inception of cars.

The MTA Institute has long been advocating the importance of evolving with technology and keeping training methods up-to-date and relevant. And, with the Minister for Innovation and Tourism Industry Development and Minister for the Commonwealth Games, the Honorable Kate Jones says up to one million new jobs are projected to be created by 2038; the automotive industry will see see many new jobs created needing new and innovative types of training.

This will likely include electric/hybrid vehicles as they become more mainstream, as well as advancements in technology including artificial intelligence, robotics and automotive vehicles.

Supported by the Innovation Imperative report, the report confirms what has been suspected for some time, Queensland’s workforce is rapidly changing.

Ms Jones went on to say, the government’s commitment to innovation was putting Queensland on track to become a world leader in emerging tech industries.

“We’re investing more than half-a-billion dollars to create the jobs of the future in our state,” she said.

“Thanks to our investment in innovation, we are in the perfect position to capitalise on the emergence of new technologies like robotics. The fact that up to a million jobs will be created in Queensland by 2038 is proof of the great opportunities we’re helping to support.”

The Innovation Imperative report, also however, details the need for innovation by businesses, research and government with approximately 860,000 jobs at risk of being impacted in some way.

“Innovation isn’t just about creating new jobs. We’re working hard to provide funding and support to upskill workers in jobs that are likely to be impacted,” Ms Jones said.

“It’s research like this that is crucial to our decision-making for the next 20 years. That’s why we’re incorporating discussions about automation and destabilising technologies into our review of Queensland’s innovation agenda.”

Source: Media Statement: Innovation report shines spotlight on future of state’s job market
Source: Innovative Imperative Report

30 Aug 2018