Petrol might be at a low price (in some areas throughout Australia), but as we’re all aware this is irrelevant if you own an Electric Vehicle.

You might have seen the AGL commercial on television advertising that it will cost you one dollar to charge your electric vehicle which will produce up to 130km on a single charge. So, to put that into perspective; for the price of one litre of fuel you could travel approximately 180km in an electric vehicle, whilst a hybrid vehicle would half the bill of a fuel car.

In the June edition of the Chicago Tribune there was five reason listed why electric vehicles are the future of automotive and why they are becoming more widely accepted as a conventional vehicle. It’s expected that Australia will follow suit in the growing popularity of electric vehicles as the Australian Government begins to offer incentives to consumers that buy electric or hybrid vehicles.

The reasons listed in the Chicago Tribune June edition are:

  • People are buying more as the price is coming down
  • Range is extending
  • Batteries are improving
  • Charging infrastructure is growing
  • Electric cars are cheaper to operate

In support of this claim, BMW, Volkswagen and other major vehicle contenders are already deep into the creation and planning of plugin hybrid/electric vehicle models. Ford is bringing out a fully electric vehicle in 2020 with plans from many companies to created electric, hybrid and eventually fully autonomous vehicles.

Tech Crunch which is a UK base online publication writes in the latest version (June 21, 2017) that the Mayor of London (Sadiq Khan) has plans to have zero emission by 2050 in the greater London area. To begin the roll out, taxi and private hire vehicles must be zero emission by 2033. This will be followed by buses and all other road user from 2033 to 2040 respectively with zero emissions in Central London expected in 2025.

Coming back a little closer to home, for those of you who want to experience a luxurious electric vehicle up close and personal, Tesla is offering test drives through their website, where you can book a drive when they are in your area (offered for Brisbane and Gold Coast only).

The question why Toyota won’t bring out a Diesel Hybrid has been asked numerous times. The Investor, in the Korea Times (June 22, 2017), written by Ahn Sung-mi states that Toyota has ruled this out as being to expensive, and have no future plans to put diesel and hybrid together. Toyota sees the future of automotive as mostly hybrid and plug in hybrid/electric vehicles. “At the moment 15 percent of all Toyota car models are equipped with hybrid system” says Shizuo Abe, executive general manager at Toyota. “Plug in hybrid as well as fuel cell vehicles can be easily charged at home or in public areas making it a more feasible option.”

Shizuo is reported saying that electric vehicles are not being scrapped by Toyota, but that electric vehicle are in Toyota’s plans for the future, and when the time is right.

I have mentioned in my lectures that battery technology will be still Li-on and Nickel Metal Hybrid (NiMH) type batteries around for at least another 15 years. Of course, large improvements will be made as the already have, and charge time, distance and performance will continue to improve.