How Do I Sell Cars in Queensland?

In Queensland, you must have a current licence or registration to work as a motor dealer or salesperson. This means if you are selling vehicles as a business operator or employee, or as part of a business operation (for instance selling for the purpose of earning a profit) it is an offence to operate without one.  

What does a QLD Motor Dealer Licence enable me to do?

A Queensland Motor Dealer Licence enables the holder to work as an independent operator, a contractor, or be in charge of a place of business. You can:  

  • Sell used motor vehicles and parts 
  • Obtain used vehicles for resale 
  • Sell used motor vehicles on consignment  
  • Sell a leased motor vehicle to the lessee under the terms of the lease  
  • Negotiate on a person’s behalf for the sale or purchase of a used motor vehicle  

As a registered salesperson, you are able to conduct the above on behalf of a licenced motor dealer as their employee. A contractor must have a full licence.  

How do I obtain a QLD Motor Dealer Licence?

In order to be eligible for a motor dealer licence, you must be 18 or older and pass the required training subjects from a recognised provider.   

The first step is to contact a Registered Training Organisation and apply to do a Dealer Licence course. This consists of nine units of competency and the course is self-paced.  

Once all assessment requirements have been met, you can apply for a Motor Dealer Licence with the Office of Fair Trading. You can apply for either a one-year or three-year Licence and pay the required fee. This usually takes around four to six weeks to process.  

Want to learn more? Get accredited now!

The MTA Institute (RTO No.31529) provides nationally accredited motor vehicle dealer and salesperson courses. Complete the latest AUR modules and learn a range of new skills including how to interact and sell to customers, comply with legal requirements, and exercise safe working practices. 


1 December 2021

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