Whats happening at the MTA Institute?

We’ve reached March already and I’m back in Australia after a fantastic two months away in the United Kingdom (UK).

Although the visit was primarily to visit family, I took the opportunity to make this a learning experience designed to increase my knowledge about the advanced EV technology and laws, the much higher acceptance rate to changing industry and to get firsthand evidence on how far behind Australia really is.

To begin, I started with researching the current and future methods that educators use to respond to the influx of HEV/EV technology.

It went very well.

I had the pleasure of meeting with Professor, Raj K Aggarwal (BEng, PHD, Deng, FIET, SenMIEEE, FRSA) from Bath University. Professor Aggarwal is brilliant in his field with extensive experience in power systems planning, operation, control and protection at all voltage levels. He is the author of over 400 technical papers and has kindly agreed to correspond with me to help get MTA Institute and myself training in the latest and greatest HEV/EV technology.

This will be invaluable in our ongoing effort of keeping MTA Institute as the leader in HEV/EV training.

Professor Aggarwal has also introduced me to Surendra Kaushik of Bath University who has a background in electronics, communication and control. He is currently working on in-vehicle OBD11/LIN/CANbus connectivity to telecoms networks with the goal of faster in-vehicle bus hardware systems.

Surendra will also be vital to our training program in understanding the technology in autonomous vehicle driving. I believe the combined knowledge of Professor Aggarwal and Surendra Kawshi mixed with my ongoing passion for all things EV will take MTA Institute’s EV training program to the next level.

Whilst in the UK, I found that Bath University is part of a consortium of academic and industry partners awarded Government funding to conduct research aimed at overcoming battery challenges to accelerate the EV revolution and I am very excited to share this, and other findings in future newsletters.

Until next month…