Welcome to the April newsletter where I continue to explore the enormous difference in how Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs) and Electric Vehicles (EVs) are perceived by the Australian public in comparison to the United Kingdom (UK) public.

Australia continues to experience huge roadblocks from the general public in response to the uptake of HEV/EVs. In comparison to this, members of the UK public have proven to be much more accepting. However, this is largely attributed to government support, as the UK Government provide financial incentives and education to the community to encourage uptake.

UK Case Study

To find out more I spoke to David, a resident of London, who made the transition from petrol vehicle to hybrid vehicle.

David is the proud owner of a Mitsubishi Outlander Hybrid (which some call an extended electric vehicle, but I like the term HEV). The vehicle has a two litre DOHC ICE, and Twin AC synchronous permanent magnet motors. One motor at the front and one at the rear both producing full power at 60kW with the Nm at the front motor 137Nm and rear motor 195Nm. The main drive battery is 300Volt and charging time at 8A is approximately 13 hours and 30A is around 3.5 hours. David is pictured at a fast (50kW) charging station, which is capable of charging his Outlander in 25 mins at a cost of £1.40 (GBP), the equivalent of $2.30 (AUD).

When David bought the Outlander, he received £5,000 (GBP) from the English Government, the equivalent of approx. $9,202 (AUD). David also informed me that he could run his vehicle in London, all day on electric, and get 70 miles (112km) to a charge. The charge consumption rate is 45kW per 100 miles (160Km) and the combined economy electric plus petrol is 74 MPG (UK rating).

David advised that he was so happy with the Mitsubishi Outlander Hybrid that he wouldn’t be buying anything but HEV/EVs from here onwards which I was very pleased to hear.

To further assist in taking the plunge from petrol to electric, the UK Government will also fit the 3kW charging station to domestic dwellings for free. I thoroughly look forward to the day when the Australian Government is offering incentives, education and assistance regarding the purchase of HEV/EVs that match the UK Government.

In the next newsletter, I will discuss the famous black taxis of London, and how the drivers feel about no longer being allowed to purchase or drive diesel vehicles.