H/EV Newsletter (July 2018)

In an era of constant change and major technological disruption, staying up-to-date with the latest automotive industry news and remaining willing to adapt, evolve and accept is of utmost importance as we wait for the inevitable to happen… for Hybrid/Electric Vehicles (H/EVs) to become mainstream.

And with an online library of resources available at our fingertips this is easily achievable. There is a number of fantastic sites that I recommend for up-to-date information on the development of H/EV technology from here, and around the world.

An Australian site called Green Vehicle Guide is part of the Australian Government initiative aimed at informing the public about low emission vehicles. Full of vital information, the website takes an objective look at low emission technology and is an absolute must if looking for current information in Australia.

The USA’s version of this is Fuel Economy (US Dept of Energy).
This site has an extensive library of information on the amount of energy used in petrol, hybrid and electric vehicles and offers the functionality to compare vehicles on fuel, energy and environmental aspects.

Also, in the USA is NHTSA – Corporate Average Fuel Economy otherwise known as CAFE. NHTSA’s CAFE standards regulate how far vehicles should travel on fuel for maximum fuel economy whilst abiding by related Green House Standards (GHS).

Over to the United Kingdom there is Zap Map. This website is designed to assist the UK’s growing market of H/EVs with information on locating electrical charging points, timelines for future charging points and objective information on new H/EV models hitting the market.

When comparing information from around the world I remain of the opinion that Australia continues to lag behind other countries on the uptake of H/EVs. However, we have made one big step in the right direction and that is the introduction of the Hybrid Electric Vehicle Inspection and Servicing Skill Set Course (AURSS00037). This two-day accredited course may only be done in addition to, or as part of a Cert III in Automotive Electrical Technology or a Cert III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology and I encourage all who qualify to do this course, as it gives you the skills and qualifications to work on H/EVs.

The next course in Brisbane is July 24-25, with one in Townsville being announced at a later date.