H/EV Newsletter (August 2018)

It appears that major vehicle manufacturers are starting to influence the public’s opinion on hybrid/ electric vehicles (H/EVs). 

A Roy Morgan survey asked more than 37,000 drivers in Australia if they would seriously consider buying a car that used alternative fuel… and more than half said they would.

This increase in positive thinking around H/EVs can be attributed towards an increase in public awareness through positive campaigning, but also, through major players in the game who are doing fantastic work in promoting the benefits of H/EVs.

Tesla’s growing exposure has dramatically influenced consumers’ views on electric vehicles and Australia’s increase in the uptake of putting solar panels on their home is making the notion of having an electric or hybrid vehicle more enticing.

Despite this, Australian car purchases do not reflect these good intentions.

Petrol and diesel vehicle sales have continued to remain steady whilst H/EVs represent a fraction of car sales. This year alone, H/EVs represent only 1.2 per cent of new cars sold.

The challenge is now to convert good intentions into a sale; and H/EV sales are being held back by lack of choice and high prices. In fact, research clearly points to higher earners being far more likely to purchase a H/EV. 

By 2020 we should see a much larger range of H/EVs available to consumers and with many car manufacturers endeavoring to bring more affordable H/EVs to the market, I hope to see these vehicles as real contenders for middle to low income earners looking to buy a vehicle.

In the meantime; we can expect to see:

  • Perth government convert its 35 city sedans to hybrid vehicles over the next two years.
  • Jaguar looks to be launching gas, hybrid and electric versions of everything it offers by 2025.
  • The top five electric vehicles heading our way over the next two year are:  
    • Hyundai Ioniq: Late 2018.
    • Jaguar I-Pace: order books are open.
    • Nissan Leaf : 2018/2019 launch expected.
    • Hyundai Kona Electric: 2018/2019 launch expected.
    • Tesla Model 3: Date to be confirmed.

Source: Australian shocking car buying intentions revealed – www.news.com.au