September 2020

I hope this update finds everyone well and COVID-safe. Over the last couple of months, we have seen how challenging it can be for businesses to navigate their way through the mountain of information available regarding COVID support. However, reading the MTAQ Weekly Industry Bulletin and the COVID Business Updates certainly helps pinpoint what is available to support automotive businesses.

Whilst it has been a challenging period, we still forge ahead to support industry with its training and skilling requirements. The effort put in by the training team is always top-shelf and supports an important element of any business – its staff. With this in mind, we have our Apprentice of the Year event coming up and we will be hosting a special event from 6pm-8pm on Friday 16th October 2020.

You can choose to attend the event in person at the MTA Institute, Eight Mile Plains (and we will of course be following a COVID-Safe checklist). Alternatively, you can join us online – we will send a link to you to view the event on your device. I would encourage you to support the event whether you have an apprentice in the running or not. This event brings together the finalists who are all winners of the apprentice of the month award and eligible as apprentices trained by the MTA Institute.

Interesting to note, most traditional trade apprentices who do not complete their training cite employment-related reasons for leaving, highlighting how crucial the employer’s role is in supporting them to finish their apprenticeships. The apprentice of the month and apprentice of the year awards support both the employer and apprentices by recognising the work of both parties – one cannot exist without the other.

Whilst our primary focus is on training and skilling apprentices, it is important to note we also have a wealth of resources available to support our apprentices through their training journey. These dedicated resources can be found at and cover off areas such as:

  • Literacy/Numeracy and Life Skills Programs
  • Financial Wellness Programs
  • Mental Health Programs
  • Health Programs
  • Workplace Resources
  • Relationship Support
  • Professional Communication

The resources area of the Institute’s website is well worth checking out and has a lot of great information to support apprentices.

On the training package front, we’ve seen the Australian Industry Skills Committee approve the AUR version 6.0 Case for Endorsement. It has been estimated that the training product will be available online on the website by late September.

What does this mean for students in accredited courses (i.e. apprentices) and employers? It basically means a transition into the latest qualification with current knowledge and performance criteria that industry has identified. We look forward to working with everyone to make this a seamless process.

15 September 2020