March 2020

We just had our fifth apprentice graduation ceremony and it was pleasing to see so many people were there for the evening! It was a special event for graduates and their families, and we were are glad to share it with them.

It can take up to four years to complete an apprenticeship, maybe a little shorter and maybe a little longer depending on various factors. Four years is a significant amount of time and, when reflecting on how our industry has changed it is an exciting industry and certainly will provide plenty of opportunities over the coming years.

The automotive industry is an industry of innovation and evolution and to try and keep up, you just must keep learning and keep having a thirst to be educated!

We’ve seen that Holden will be ‘retiring’ from the Australian landscape, but there will still be the need for technicians to service these vehicles for another 10 years. Wherever there is mobility there will be a need for light and heavy vehicle mechanical technicians, auto electricians, parts interpreters and collision repair and refinishing technicians.

For our graduates, they wouldn’t have made it without our trainers and I would personally like to thank the trainers and the amazing staff at the MTA Institute who supported the apprentices to finish.

To continue to celebrate apprentices, the Queensland Training Awards is now open for nominations until the end of March. The most prestigious and longest-running training sector awards program in the state, the Queensland Training Awards provides individuals and organisations with a unique opportunity to showcase their achievements, best practice and innovation in training. To enter, please go to the Queensland Training Awards.