February 2020

2020 . . . the beginning of a decade that is predicted to see more change in the automotive industry than ever seen before.

Changes in mobility continue and how we get from one place to another evolves. The future will see workforce demands change and require multidimensional skills and ability. But where will this workforce come from? I believe there’s several levels to this question, but it still has a core element – interest. Does the person have an interest in the automotive industry and an inquisitive nature to continue to evolve with the industry?

The MTA Institute is setting the platform to support the entry for this workforce. We support the MTAQ Auto Camp, which is a non-accredited course for male and female high school students aged between 14-17 years. This provides the learner an insight into the automotive industry, hoping to spark an interest. We also have the MTAI Automotive Pre-Voc course, which is designed to give learners a basic introduction to the automotive industry. Students undertaking this course will learn a range of tasks relating to identifying and inspecting mechanical and electrical components and systems of light vehicles. It’s a course to focus the interest.

Ultimately, we like to see these learners go into an apprenticeship and we have the MTAQ Jobs Board to support this chosen career pathway. Landing an apprenticeship can be exciting and daunting given the duration and requirements, but it’s something, when finished, that will be an achievement of a lifetime. Once the apprenticeship is finished, we mark this accomplishment and celebrate the achievement with the MTA Institute Graduation Ceremony.

As always, we are grateful for employers and learners who choose us as their Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and have been honoured to receive news from the National Centre for Vocational Education and Research (NCVER) that provided a summary of the outcomes of students who completed nationally recognised vocational education and training (VET) during 2018, using data collected mid-2019.

The MTA Institute prides itself on student satisfaction and we are proud of the outstanding results achieved in the report. Highlights of graduates at (MTAI) include:

  • 93.5% were satisfied with the overall quality of their training.
  • 95.2% would recommend the training.
  • 96.2% would recommend their training provider.
  • 97.5% achieved their main reason for doing the training.

It’s great to see these outstanding results and we will always strive to keep doing a great job for the automotive industry and keep the interest in training and workforce development ongoing.

Source: Motor Trader E-Magazine (Feb 2020)

5 Feb 2020