Matthew Tahir (left) and Ross Renall (right) are the first graduates of MTA Institute’s online Motor Vehicle Salesperson’s and Motor Vehicles Dealer Courses

The MTA Institute has welcomed the first graduates from its new online sales and dealer course. The course utilises the recently launched Learning Management System (LMS), developed by the MTAI over the past year, which offers the training courses to students via an online portal.

Designed to enable the MTAI to offer programs in both metropolitan and regional Queensland, the platform is proving advantageous to student’s who are considering making a career transition into car dealership sales, or who are looking to sharpen their skills.

Ross Renall is the first student to complete the Motor Dealer’s course (which automatically includes the Salesperson’s course). A mining company trainer and assessor who has been based on Groote Island in the Gulf of Carpentaria for the past 12 months, Ross is also the owner of Silver Fox Tyre Centre in Redcliffe. He employs a full-time manager and several other staff at his workshop whilst he remains committed to his mining contracts in the Northern Territory and is looking to expand his interests by moving in to vehicle sales.

After completing the online course, Ross is now planning to enrol his workshop manager into the online salesperson’s course to ensure business continuity, compliance with vehicle sales regulations, and for peace of mind in his absence.

“When the workshop and staff are having a quiet week, it’s a good opportunity to focus on getting them the training they need to gain more knowledge,” he said. “So the idea is to start purchasing vehicles from dealer-only auctions, fix them up, and re-sell them to try and generate extra revenue when the workshop is quiet.”

“I previously completed my certificate III and IV Trainer/Assessor course in a classroom, so completing a qualification entirely online was a new experience. I’ve now completed both courses, and while it took a bit to get my head around it, I really enjoyed it and it was a very positive experience.

“Anytime I needed help it was there, and the real bonus is being able to complete your course work remotely. I am looking forward to getting my manager to complete the course which will ultimately help the business.”

30 year-old Matthew Tahir, from John Cole Toyota in Atherton is the first student to graduate from the Salesperson’s course. Having previously worked in real estate, Matthew made the transition into vehicle sales eight months ago and found the online course to be particularly useful as it enabled him to learn all the intricacies of vehicle sales from home and in his own time.

“It was really interesting learning about how to manage stamp duties, how to handle deposits, including the legal side of things such as contracts, a lot of things that I previously did not know,” he said.

“I found the LMS easy to use, and I completed most of the modules at home at night, during my own time. Up here at Atherton, it can be difficult getting to Brisbane or other cities where I could get my licence, so I found the remote learning aspect of the course was really handy.”

Already looking at moving into management, Matthew said he enjoys every aspect of the sales process and learning the theory side of the business through the course was a very useful experience.

“Negotiating with customers can be pretty tough, but it’s very rewarding when you see the satisfaction they get from a sales process handled properly from start to finish. The salesperson’s role is a role in which you’re never sitting around. It’s intense but I enjoy it.

“One of my colleagues has been in the car sales industry for 30 years, and it has been really good to learn the theory and also have their experience of the practical side of things on-hand.”

The MTA Institute’s Learning Management System will, over the coming months, be expanded to include other courses, allowing students from across the state to access more of MTAI’s course portfolio.

“The Learning Management System is about giving us greater reach to students in regional and remote areas,” said Paul Kulpa, General Manager of MTA Institute when the LMS was first launched. “The benefits are substantial. In terms of the Sales and Dealer courses, it allows students to enrol at any time and complete the course at their own pace. Any other documentation can also be uploaded through the system and be checked by the trainer.

“A licence application still has to be placed with the Office of Fair Trading, but all the training required to get the Statement of Attainment that will enable them to gain that licence can be done through the LMS.”

To find out more about the online Motor Vehicle Salesperson course and Motor Vehicles Dealer course call 1800 884 137 or email: [email protected]