MTAI Institute Testimonials

Satisfaction results from students who finished training with MTA Institute in 2016 are:

90.6% of graduates were satisfied with the overall quality of their training;
91.6% of graduates would recommend the training; and
91.4% of graduates would recommend MTAI as a training provider.

Just wanted to say another huge thank you for your advice, guidance and knowledge over the last four years of my apprenticeship. Your understanding of the trade makes for an awesome learning experience and although I lack a lot of motivation towards the theory work you’ve always found a way to work around that. Not only that, but your words of advice has had a huge impact on my professional and personal decisions, and I believe your perspective always comes from the right place; you’re a very respectable man to look up to.

I can definitely say I’m a better mechanic because of you and because of your teaching methods and the understanding you have towards your students.

Thank you again.

Student to MTAI Trainer

Just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the hard work, effort and time into my apprenticeship.

Thanks for taking your time with me on certain subjects and helping me through out the four years! I’m proud to have been trained by someone of your stature. I will continue to learn everyday and not let you down!! I hope we get to catch up again for a coffee and a chat soon. You are a great role model and hopefully some day I will know a tenth of what you know.

From day one I knew I was lucky to have a trainer like yourself I’m glad others will have the opportunity that I have been given.
Look forward to that coffee!!
Thanks Again 10/10 mate!!!

Student to MTAI Trainer

Trainer was awesome and willing to help at any moment he had spare.

MTAI Apprentice – Engine Course

Ken’s knowledge is great. really helped me through the course. 5/5

Student to MTAI Trainer (Engines Course)

“The PDR Advanced Course was of a great help & gave me a great understanding about PDR all thanks to the trainer”
The trainer: 5 out of 5
The facilities: 5 out of 5
Other Areas: 5 out of 5

R.Bourerie (Advanced PDR Course)

The MTA Institute has a great facility and staff.

Student review

Jeff explains things very well and waits for everyone to catch up before moving on.

Suzie S (MTAI Apprentice) – Engines Course

I rang many RTO’s and MTA Institute was certainly the most professional, quickest to respond and easiest to deal with.

Rick Aleman

The Advanced Hybrid Course was just what I needed to be completely confident in repairing these cars.

Paul Tugwell (the trainer) answered all my questions & explained all the cars systems and procedures I required to be able to repair these cars and service them. The knowledge gained and the information I received from this course has given me the confidence to work on these cars.

–The biggest tool that I have taken from these training courses is knowing that Paul and the MTAQ team are only a phone call away and very willing to help; which gives us a great peace off mind.

Steve – Absolute Car Care

I am very appreciative of the time and effort that you have given me and my training and don’t think there is a way for me to thank you fully with the knowledge you have taught to me. Thank you so very much.

NameMurray (MTAI graduating apprentice) to Trainer

When I saw the Introductory Hybrid Course I decided to enroll and see what information I would gain.

I found this course simple and I will send my employees too this in the future. I walked away with simply but assuring knowledge off being able to work safely on these cars with confidence or general servicing on Hybrids and electric cars.

Steve – On Hybrid Introductory Course

Jeff is very experienced and hands on. He made learning quite easy and he is a top bloke. 5/5

Student to MTAI Trainer Jeff Manns – Light Vehicle Engines Course

The Basic Electric Circuits course run by Steve was will presented and totally relevant. 4/5

Student to MTAI Trainer

Thank you for being my mentor and trainer over the last few years. I really appreciated the time and effort you have put into me. Could not have done this without you. Truly one of the greatest!!

Student to MTAI Trainer

The course was of a great help and gave me a great understanding about PDR. Thanks to the training team!

Trainer was great. Wasn’t there just to blow smoke up our arses.

PDR Students

All over, Steve was very helpful and gave an awesome presentation.

Jordan (MTAI Student) – Steve, Basic Electrical Course

“When I did my trade recognition with MTA Institute, I was pleasantly surprised with how basic and simple they made the whole process. I would definitely recommend MTA Institute for people looking to get a trade qualification.”

Cameron – SunCity Motorcycles

The MTAI Basic Electrical course was great. Very helpful and made me understand electricals 10x better. I appreciated the opportunity.

Matthew (MTAI Apprentice) to Steve Hudspith, Basic Electrical Course

The course I attended was well constructed with thorough examples and knowledge provided by trainer. 5/5

Student to MTAI Trainer (Basic Electrics Circuit Course)

The Diffs and Gearbox course was very enjoyable. Steve presented it very well. Thank you! 5/5

Student to MTAI Trainer Steve Hudspith