Employers may be eligible for Back to Work funding up to $20,000

Employers may be eligible for Back to Work funding up to $20,000.

If your school-based apprentice or trainee has left school and is working for you without having a four week break, you may be eligible to apply for Back to Work.

There will be some intricacies to be aware of when applying so please get in touch with Bridget Kelly, Back to Work, Employer Support Officer, based in Cairns on 0436 627 464 or [email protected].

Please see advice received from Program Management regarding SATs:

“For the purpose of the Back to Work program, participating in a school-based apprenticeship does not impact on the jobseeker eligibility. It means that as long the employer provides a copy of the apprenticeship/traineeship contract as part of the Back to Work application evidence and meet all the other eligibility criteria, then it is likely they will be eligible for Back to Work funding. The Jobseeker is not required to have a four week break between ceasing enrolment at school and commencing employment.

Please note that the contract should highlight that it was a school based apprenticeship/ traineeship and provide an explanation of why there may have been earnings/payslips from that employer before the start date. Please upload that contract in QGrants at the time of making the application.”