The MTA Institute has launched its new Learning Management System (LMS). In development since mid-2015, the LMS will offer training courses, and certain elements of training courses, to students via an online portal.

Designed to enable the MTAI to offer programs to regional areas, the LMS will provide significant advantages and benefits both to students using the system and, through tracking, documentation and reporting features, to the MTAI as well.

Commencing with the delivery of the Motor Vehicle Salesperson’s course and Motor Vehicles Dealer’s course, the LMS is to be developed and expanded to incorporate many of the other training programs offered by MTAI, including apprenticeship programs.

“The Learning Management System is about giving us greater reach to students in regional and remote areas,” said Paul Kulpa, General Manager of MTA Institute. “And the benefits are substantial. In terms of the Sales and Dealer’s courses, which are now delivered through the LMS, it will allow students to enrol at any time and complete the course at their own pace. Any other documentation can also be uploaded through the system and be checked by the trainer.

“A licence application still has to be placed with the Office of Fair Trading, but all the training required to get the Statement of Attainment that will enable them to gain that licence can be done through the LMS.”

According to Anthony Bonaccorso, MTAI’s Business Development Manager, the LMS will also mean the course can be delivered to students beyond Queensland’s borders.

“In effect, we can offer the course to anyone in Australia,” he said. “Of course, these Sales and Dealer’s courses are tailored to the Queensland industry but should someone from NSW, or WA, or anywhere else in the country, be looking to move to Queensland, then they could do the course before their move, receive their Statement of Attainment and then be ready to apply for their licence.

“The LMS is also about creating a platform for all our training services and to move away from paper-based administration. It’s logical to have a system that can be accessed at any time by a learner. By doing that, we are keeping costs down for them – they no longer have to come to Brisbane to attend a course – and we create efficiencies for us.”

Acknowledging the opportunities the LMS offers, Mr Kulpa highlighted the potential for its use in the future for automotive apprenticeship training.

“We do intend that our apprentices will be able to use this online system. And that will create real advantages. For example, currently a trainer will hand over a workbook to a student and make an appointment to come back in five weeks to review the completed units of the workbook and carry out an assessment. Where once the apprentice would physically complete that workbook, they can, once the system is ready, complete it online. This would also allow the trainer to follow the student’s progress and, should they need to, alert the student if they are falling behind.

“Of course, the practical side of apprenticeship training – the repair, diagnosing, explaining the practical elements and so on, will never change, but the LMS is an exciting development. It offers a tremendous blended model of training and creates the efficiencies and value for both us and the student.”

To find out more about the Motor Vehicle Salesperson’s course and Motor Vehicle Dealer’s course, available through MTA Institute, contact [email protected]
or call 07 3722 3000.