As businesses develop to find their competitive edge through a variety of value propositions, one question will always be constant – Have I got the right human capital to ensure the business succeeds?
I have heard time and time again that finding the right person for the job is next to impossible. Now define this as ‘finding the right apprentice’ and some employers tell me straight out this is a myth!

Yes, we have our struggles with some apprentices but the majority are eager to learn and make the most of the opportunity afforded to them . . . we should know, we look after 1500
of them!

Unfortunately, we don’t celebrate the good ones enough. We do through our Student of the Month award, and the nominations we receive are of a very high standard. I also have the pleasure of interviewing these candidates for our Apprentice of the Year award, and each year I’m excited about the calibre of apprentices we have in our industry.

All these apprentices started with an opportunity that was given to them from an employer that wants the best for their business. Sometimes, putting on an apprentice is a bit of pot luck. Employers stress over the applicants, going through various process to get the supposed ‘right’ one.

The one thing I have found, is that the employer wants a good apprentice and the apprentice wants a good employer. It’s a simple equation,
but finding the right match can be very difficult. MTA Queensland, through its Auto Initiation program, take this equation and makes it easier for both parties.

The program not only provides an opportunity for employers to assess potential apprentices, but also provides learners the insight into what it takes to work in the automotive industry.

The practical training teaches learners about safe work practices, the use and maintenance of workplace tools and equipment, and increases their knowledge of automotive mechanical and electrical system fundamentals. In addition, learners also focus on attributes that would make them appealing to automotive employers (i.e. automotive aptitude and the right attitude). These skills are essential to create job-ready participant’s that employers are looking for in potential work applicants.

So if you want to put on a good apprentice, or are just looking at a suitable employee for work experience in your business, give us a call or drop us an email at [email protected]
to help you find the right person, and we can all share good apprentice stories.