Corby Marshall’s drive for Motor Sport takes him to Triple Eight Race Engineering

Corby Marshall has skidded into 2018 with a supercar bang.

In February, Corby began a two-week work experience placement at Triple Eight Race Engineering in Banyo. His placement, taking place the immediate weeks before the first supercar race of the season (Adelaide 500) meant the headquarters was a hive of activity and the frenzied atmosphere was palpable. Corby found himself in the thick of the action and experiencing first hand, the effort and skills that go into prepping a crew for an elite motorsport event.

A fourth-year panel beater apprentice at ACM Autobody in Mansfield, Corby was nominated as MTA Institute Apprentice of the Year after winning the April 2017 Apprentice of the Month due to his outstanding drive and commitment. This unique opportunity came about thanks to the collaborative partnership between MTAA Super, MTA Institute and Triple Eight Race Engineering.

“I was so excited to find out I’d won the MTA Institute Apprentice of the Month and was nominated for the 2017 Apprentice of the Year. I thought my lucky streak has ended, but finding out I was going to have the opportunity to work at Triple Eight Race Engineering felt like I’d won the lotto,” Corby said. “I have no words and I still can’t believe it.”

Although he might not have believed it, it didn’t take long for Corby to look quite at home amongst the Triple Eight Race Engineering Team.

“I’ve been really privileged to be able to work with so many crew members having been paired with someone new every day,” Corby said.

“I’ve learnt heaps of great facts and insights into the how the team operates, and it’s been amazing being given jobs that actually help the crew. The work is very different from my day-to-day job and I’ve seen and done heaps of cool things including assisting in making custom LED lights for Jamie Whincup’s car and working with fibreglass. These things are worlds away from my normal job, pulling apart and repairing smashed cars for customers.”

The opportunity which couldn’t have been possible without the support and understanding of Corby’s employer, ACM Autobody, certainly isn’t lost on his work mates, family and friends.

“Everyone is quite jealous. I keep getting hit up for signatures,” Corby said with a laugh. “I’ve gotten to meet Jamie Whincup already, and I met Craig Lowndes at the MTA Queensland President’s Ball, but I’m yet to meet Shane Van Gisbergen, so fingers crossed I get that opportunity. It’s quite a surreal thing working on such famous vehicles and getting to meet drivers I’ve looked up to and admired for so long; it blows me away.”

“I’ve always had an interest in motorsport – I love everything about it, but I never thought panel beating could lead into it. This work experience has been quite eye-opening being able to see the different roles and opportunities available. There’s a whole range of skills and expertise from all sectors of automotive needed and if I could, I’d love to do something like this for a career.”

Corby’s advice to future apprentices offered this opportunity is simple. “Work as hard as you can and enjoy it. Opportunities like this don’t come around often so make the most of it!”

8 Mar 2018