Classic Holdens gather for state titles

It has been nearly 70 years since the Holden 48-215 – better known, perhaps, as the FX – debuted on Australian roads. More than 120,000 of them were built – a testament to the popularity of the homegrown Aussie sedan.

Of course, 70 years is a long time and the FX is becoming something of a rarity. However, there are plenty of passionate fans of the early Holden models out there, and they turned up in force at the end of September to take part in the Queensland FX-FJ State Titles, held at Rocklea Showgrounds in Brisbane.

Organised by the FX-FJ Holden Club of Queensland in partnership with Brisbane Northside Classic Holden Club, the State Titles are held every two years and recognise the best cars across a number of categories, from ‘stock’ to ‘wild custom’. And there were some absolute crackers on show – from gleaming FXs that looked like they had just rolled out of the factory in 1948 to extraordinary custom builds that wouldn’t look out of place in the most extreme hot rod shows.

MTA Queensland sponsored a couple of the awards presented to winners at the conclusion of the event and MTA Institute trainer Jeff Mann, who is also a member of the FX-FJ Holden Club Of Queensland as well as their Australian Early Holden Federation delegate, was on hand to represent the Association.

A few other makes and models turned up to join in the fun – including a brilliant 1959 Edsel Ranger and an equally extraordinary 1938 Oldsmobile – but the day belonged to the classic Holden.
And long may that continue.

5 Oct 2017