Car Advice for Silkwood Students

Buying your first car can be a daunting experience, with a lot to consider. This process is particularly difficult for those with limited car knowledge, who don’t know what to look out for or what questions to ask when determining if a car is right for them.

Before beginning the journey of looking at different cars, a list of questions should be compiled to assist a first-time buyer through the process. Am I buying new or used? What style of car am I looking for? What’s my budget?  How much will I be using the car? The answers to these questions will vary for every individual, however having the right information and knowledge to make informed decisions is crucial.

For a group of Silkwood Independent High School students about to embark on the car buying journey for the first time, these questions are hopefully a bit easier to answer, after the Motor Trades Association of Queensland (MTA Queensland) paid the school a visit recently, delivering an information session.

Among a sea of grade ten students were numerous learner drivers, all eager to get their hands on their first set of wheels and experience the freedom that comes with owning your own car.

The students were quick to fire their questions at the MTA Queensland’s Senior Business Development Manager, Anthony Bonaccorso, and it was clear that many of them had done their research already and were well on the way to knowing what car they wanted.

From the pros and cons of buying a used vehicle, to the potential issues to look out for when viewing a car, to budgeting for your first car and what to expect from pesky additional fees such as insurance and registration, the students walked away with useful knowledge that will stay with them for the duration of their car-buying days.

Bonaccorso said the importance of having a good base level of car knowledge prior to looking to buy a car was invaluable, especially for young people who may be more easily persuaded to look at the newest, flashiest vehicles recommended to them.

“The most important thing to consider when choosing to buy any vehicle, whether it’s your first car or not, is safety,” said Bonaccorso.

“You want a vehicle that is mechanically sound and reliable and won’t leave you stranded on the side of the highway, so it’s important that young people understand the marks of a solid, safe vehicle versus a ‘lemon’.”

Bonaccorso also explained to the cohort the importance of prioritising safety and price over appearance.

“Obviously everyone wants to drive the latest, flashy models, but you have to consider your budget.

“Particularly when you’re talking about your first car, you ideally want something that won’t break the bank, runs well and can handle the dings and scratches that are bound to eventuate when learning to drive.”

Bonaccorso also took the opportunity to showcase how the evolving automotive industry was opening new doors for career opportunities.

“The stigma around careers in automotive where we are all just grease monkeys, is outdated.

“We’re seeing new jobs opening all the time in areas such as design, IT and robotics, business and marketing, just to name a few. The industry really does have something for everyone these days and these opportunities are only continuing to grow as the industry undergoes the technologically changes we are experiencing.”

Whether the students in attendance think about a career in automotive or not, at least they will be making that decision while driving a well-maintained, reliable vehicle.

12 Nov 2019