Brisbane based organisation teaching next generation of drivers to stay safe on the roads

Image from of Racing 4 Significance Foundation

‘Race on the strip, not on the street.’

That is the message being delivered to young people in schools by the  Racing 4 Significance Foundation, a Brisbane based not for profit organisation that is committed to influencing responsible motoring practices​.

Founded in 2017 by ex-metal fabricator and professional Drag Racing enthusiast Ashleigh Dawson, Racing 4 Significance has combined their passion for professional Drag Racing with their passion for making a difference in the community. The end result is a  platform that gives back, connects with and inspires the next generation of safe drivers.

Racing 4 Significance delivers their unique interactive in-school programs at no cost to the schools or students. The program is designed to educate and empower youth on their path to becoming a driver in an interactive environment that also offers a practical learning element with an actual Drag Car.

With a dedicated team of like-minded volunteers looking to make a difference around the country, Racing 4 Significance’s passion for professional Drag Racing and safe driving is evident throughout the workshops.

With their very own dragster and professional Junior Dragster driver ambassadors, 15-year-old Kilarney Back and 16-year-old Caitlyn Bradley, the workshops are designed to demonstrate the engineering and safety features in the design of the car with the dragster on hand to help provide a fun interactive educational element.

“A crowd favourite is always when we start the car,” says Mr Dawson.

One message delivered by the Racing 4 Significance team is that it is encouraged to have a passion for going fast, as long as that passion is channelled through the proper methods.

Image from Racing 4 Significance Foundation

Drivers are encouraged to take their vehicles to a real dragstrip where events are held for them to put their foot on the pedal and ‘race’ their cars in a safe, controlled environment away from the streets.

However, that’s not where the lessons end. A fundamental goal of Racing 4 Significance is making a real difference to the lives of young people who may want guidance in pursuing their goals. So, while safe driving practice remains the takeaway message from the workshops, students are also educated on cars and the wider automotive and related industries including the types of careers that are available that are connected to the sport of Drag Racing. This includes learning about the transfers of energy and physics behind getting a dragster down the track safely, to the fabrication and manufacturing of vehicles, to the mechanical side of maintaining and servicing a vehicle and how the automotive industry touches a wide array of fields, which is what Racing 4 Significance wants participants to understand.

“The feedback we receive from the teachers indicates that we have made a lasting impression because of how much students continue to talk to about the experience,” said Mr Dawson.

As well as in-school workshops, Racing 4 Significance also provides online resources including educational Drag Racing and motivational videos in their ‘Motor-Vation Library’.

As a leader in vocational training in the automotive industry, the MTA Institute understands the importance of providing young people with the support and resources they require to reach their goals.

MTA Institute regularly hold courses aimed at assisting young people in discovering potential career paths and educating them on skills related to car maintenance. This includes Auto Camp, a three-day holiday course for high school students; and the AUR201716 Certificate II in Automotive Vocational Preparation, a five-week course designed to provide students with a set of skills as a basic introduction to the automotive industry.

MTA Institute is proud to promote the initiative from Racing 4 Significance Foundation.

For more information or enquiries, visit and follow them on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

23 Sep 2019